Wine, Beer & Bubbles

White Wine

Wool Shed – Sauvignon Blanc – Australia
Crisp and fresh, all you could expect from a classic Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

Glass 140,000 VND/Bottle 620,000 VND

Red Wine

Deakin Estate – Australia
Deep ruby with notes of licorice and plum. Black current with dark cherry and plum taste.

Glass 150,000 VND/ Bottle 670,000VND


Castano Monastrell – Spain
Uniquely light rose, light on te palate refreshingly crisp.

Glass 130,000 VND/ Bottle 600,000 VND

Sparkling Wine

Chevalier Brut Blanc de Blanc – France
Perfect choice for an afternoon filled with bubbles.

Glass 150,000 VND/ Bottle 620,000 VND


Tiger Crystal, Heineken

50, 000 VND



50,000 VND

Long Black

55,000 VND

Café Latte

65,000 VND


65,000 VND

Flat White

65,000 VND

Hot Chocolate

65,000 VND

Iced Coffee

65,000 VND

Add Caramel 10,000 VND

Cold Drinks


Regular, Diet Zero

40,000 VND

7 Up

40,000 VND

Soda Water

40,000 VND

La Vie Still Water

30,000 VND

Perrier Water

Small 330ml

60,000 VND

Perrier Water

Large 750ml

90,000 VND

Fresh Juices

Apple, Pineapple, Watermelon,
Carrot, Celery
Add Ginger or Parsley 5,000 VND

80,000 VND

Fruit Smoothies

Banana, Mango, Mixed Berry,
Strawberry, Passionfruit

90,000 VND


Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel
Vanilla, Banana
Add Malt or Ice Cream 10,000 VND

80,000 VND

All prices are not inclusive of 10% VAT