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Black Tea

English Breakfast

Classic Black Tea. Strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones.

New York Breakfast

An inviting whole leaf Assam tea blended with a rich, malty sweetness.

Singapore Breakfast

A natural blend of green and black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices.

Valentine Breakfast

This TWG black tea of romance weds fresh, ripe fruits and silver pearls.

French Earl Grey

This tea has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers.

Gentlemen’s Earl Grey

A rich, robust Ceylon balanced with intense, fragrant bergamot and pink rosebuds.

Earl Grey Fortune

A strong and full bodied first flush tea, pioneer blend of whole-leaf black teas fragrantly infused with delicate bergamot.

Chocolate Earl Grey

A world first! This rich and aromatic black tea is accented with fresh notes of rare bergamot and pure dark chocolate.

1837 Black Tea

Infused with fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle, which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel.

New World Tea

This elegant black tea is aromatic and fills the mouth with the taste of ripe forest fruits.

Fruit Mountain

An ecstasy of golden Asian fruits – warm yet refreshing – this tea blend is scattered with fresh flowers and yields a honeyed aftertaste of exotic sweetness.


The classic black tea is blended with a passionate bouquet of hibiscus and flowers leaving you with a refreshing floral aftertaste.

Tea Party

A rich infusion of black tea inflected with notes of pineapple and Mediterranean orange.

Oud Night

A delicate blend of rare calambac, incense and smoky black tea with a touch of vanilla.

Royal Darjeeling

An exquisite fragrance and a vibrant taste that develops remarkable overtones of ripe apricots.

Napoleon Tea

A high quality black tea with a sophisticated blend of sweet French spices, a hint of vanilla.


A malty, second flush Assam is strong and rich. A special harvest produces a robust black tea, excellent in the morning.

Happy Birthday Tea

Blended with a festive mélange of sweet red berries and a touch of vanilla.

Grand Wedding Tea

A festive TWG Tea blend to celebrate life’s momentous occasions, this black tea is blended with sunflowers & exotic fruits.

Breakfast King

A blend of broken and whole leaf black teas will vitalize the palate with an energizing intensity. This majestic blend of astringency and sweetness will kickstart the pep in your step.


This TWG Tea matured tea yields a strong and earthy fragrance.

Lamington Tea

A rich blend of roasted coconut and dark chocolate flavours infused to black tea.

Anzac Cookie

Toasty blend of oat flakes, coconut, cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla flavored tea.

Green Tea

Breakfast Queen

A vibrant blend of green teas to stimulate the senses and is intricately balanced by hints of sweet lemon and noble rose. A tea fit for a Queen to welcome in a new day. 

Jasmine Monkey King

Scented with delicate white jasmine blossoms. The brewed tea has an intoxicating aroma that is fresh and strong, yet the flavour is mellow and relaxing.

Pink Flamingo

Hibiscus and rose petals with light fruity undertones. This quirky medley infuses into a rose-coloured cup with tart, fruity overtones.

Place Vendome

Uniting fruits and flowers into a wonderfully blended tea.This green tea is subtly scented with mint and Mediterranean cornflowers.

Sakura Sakura

A scattering of cherry blossoms and green tea yields a most aromatic and elegant fragrance.

Follow Me

A blend of green tea and ginseng root crowned with unforgettable notes of succulent royal pineapple.

Love Me

An aroma of fragrant lime blossoms and verbena enhances this engaging potion of fine green tea.

Geisha Blossom

Ripe southern fruits infuse into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day’s disruptions.

Alexandria Tea

A graceful TWG Tea with subtle Moroccan minty notes and Mediterranean corn flowers.

Moroccan Mint

A great favourite perfectly blended with delightful and distinctive Sahara mint. A timeless classic.

Silver Moon

A TWG blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet, suave, with just a hint of spice.

Red Tea

Red Balloon

Blueberries lend their tangy sweetness to this airy, theine-free red tea, which sparkles with overtones of crunchy nashi fruit.

Eternal Summer

A fragrant red rooibos, embellished with notes of rose blossoms accented with berries. Reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches.

Red of Africa

Blended with sweet TWG Tea spices and marigold. This theine-free tea can be served warm or iced, at any time of the day, and is ideal for children too.

White & Blue Tea

White House Tea

White tea with fruits and fragrant roses, leaving your palate with an aftertaste of ripe berries. A balanced tea of sophistication.

Tea 380

A refreshing blend of blue tea, black tea, white tea with a tropical floral bouquet with hints of exotic fruit.

African Ball Tea

Formosa blue tea, black tea and red tea from South Africa, highlighted with woody spices and a bouquet of blooming orchids.

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